CNA Classes Online

February 6th, 2012

cna classes onlineCNA classes online have gained tremendous importance for obvious reasons. The increasing demand for medical care has resulted in the demand for CNAs. The majority of adults need help with their basic needs in the later years of their life. The role of a CNA gains prominence here. The need and importance of a CNA comes into the picture here. The CNA profession is undoubtedly one of the most important professions for providing quality care needed by adults. If you are passionate about healthcare and are considering a career in the medical field, CNA classes online are perfect for you.

CNA classes online are highly professional, well organized and result oriented.

You needn’t think twice before signing up. These classes will prepare you to establish a smooth career as a CNA. The best part about CNA classes online is that you are not required to leave the comfort of your home. You can study online at the touch of a button. Sounds too good to be true? It is indeed the truth. Sign up for CNA classes online to make your dreams come true!

CNA Classes Online – Quality Education

CNA classes online offer quality certified assistant nursing education to students. Students can conveniently apply online from the confines of their home. They don’t need to travel physically to attend these classes. Isn’t that incredibly comfortable and convenient? CNA classes online can prepare students for the state exam. It can hone their skills and help shape their career. An increasing number of students are taking CNA classes online to save their time and money. After all, it is a hassle free way of acquiring quality CNA education. The remarkable advancements in Internet have transformed the face of education. Time-pressed nursing aspirants can log on to the Internet and juggle commitments effortlessly. Anyone who wishes to be a CNA needs to pass the CNA exam for their respective state. Incidentally, CNA training programs differ from state to state. Some states require students to take a two-week course while other states demand months of extensive training. CNA classes online offer reliable details pertaining to CNA. So, get ready to take up CNA classes online to give wings to your dreams.

CNA Classes Online – Walk Your Way to Success

CNA classes online are ideal for those who don’t have the time to study offline. This means that nursing aspirants who cannot attend classes and lectures can take up CNA classes online. While the career is rewarding in terms of salary and job satisfaction, it is important that you understand the different facets of the job. As a CNA, you need to cater to all the needs of the patients. You need to handle a number of responsibilities with aplomb. You need to discharge your duties tactfully and diligently. You would be responsible for a host of functions including measuring vital signs, daily routine tasks like eating, patient care documentation, record keeping, physiology, etc. Rest assured that the job of a CNA will satisfy your innermost need and desire to reach out to the sick and needy. CNA classes online are a real boon to those who are unable to take up a campus CNA class. It is the best option for those who do not have the time to take up a nursing assistant course. Now they can train to become a CNA without having to alter their schedule. Isn’t that a big relief in today’s fast paced life? Know more about CNA classes online to tread the path to success.

Preparation For CNA Exam

June 12th, 2010

preparation for cna examIf a person has made up his mind to choose Nursing as a career it will be prudent to make an honest assessment of oneself and see if he is ready to face the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) certification exam which is conducted by the IRC.  There are many sample test papers and past question papers and studying it one can have better preparation for cna exam with a understanding of the types of questions asked in the exam.

Below there are some valuable information relating the preparation for CNA Exam. You need to go through them quite carefully and should try to practice them for the better preparation for the exam.

Preparation For CNA Exam :

Sample question paper can help you assess if you are ready for taking the exam or you need guidance like the CNA training classes. Therefore an honest assessment of your abilities is required for the preparation of CNA Exam. The CNA certification exam consists of two sections- A practical exam and a written exam.

The practical test is taken mainly to assess the candidates’ aptitude to react to various problem situations and his ability to find solutions in such stressful conditions.  The practical test also helps the examiner to measure the confidence level and ability to keenly grasp the finer details of each situation.

A thorough preparation and full knowledge of the type of questions asked can make a difference between success and failure. The best way to clear the practical and the viva voce is to have a thorough knowledge of the theory.

Keep in the mind the old rule of clearing practical. It is not important to know what you are doing but to know why you are doing it. A thorough knowledge of the theory and its application practically will help you clear your CNA exam in flying colors. Sample questions can help you in better preparation for CNA Exam.

The written exam is composed of seventy questions. The question is of multiple choice types. The first 10 questions are related to personnel information. This is followed sixty questions. The questions are objective types with multiple choices. The multiple choice questions are easy and if you have a decent level of IQ the sixty questions are a walkover. There is also a section which is devoted to word recognition or comprehension questions.

The second test is devoted to skill evaluation. The candidate is asked to perform various procedures related to nursing practice. The actions are closely monitored by the evaluator on the basis of different benchmarks. The candidates are usually asked to do 5 actions but can be asked to do more if the evaluator desires. The candidate has to successfully complete the entire 5 skill test to be declared successful in NNAASP certificate and become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The questions are mostly related to common nursing situations like –Which sweater sleeve will you put if your subject has a left hand weakness. In a few days we will be publish the sample CNA examination. If you have decided to take nursing as a career the first rendezvous which you should make is to find a sample question paper and attempt all papers honestly. If you attain a 70 % rating you are through and if less you need some more practice.

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How To Become A CNA

June 5th, 2010

How to become a CNAIt is important to know how to become a CNA first if you are interested in becoming  a certified nurse. The Certified Nursing Assistant is a person who is always there to assist a sick person in different surroundings. The surroundings could be a hospital, nursing homes, health centers or even in homes. It is very difficult for a disabled or compromised patient to get on with their daily day to day activities. It is here that the can comes into the picture and assists the disabled person to get on with the daily day to day activities. CNA have to work under the supervision of a trained nurse. A CNA is the best source for a doctor to know exactly the present condition and progress of the patient.

How to Become a CNA – Important Factors

Once not so popular Certified Nursing Assistant is being opted by a number of fresh students who want to know how to become a CNA. These health care professionals are known by different names and designations like Certified Nursing Assistants, Nurse’s Aides, Patient Care Technicians, Home Health Aides, Personal Care Assistants, etc. There are a number of duties which are required to be done by a trained Certified Nursing Assistant which includes:
* Maintaining BP charts and monitoring fluctuations
* Assist in exercises which are prescribed by the physiotherapist
* Dressing,feeding and other daily activities
* Removal of catheter and other activities
* Preparing beds and creating a friendly and neat environment
* Keeping records and other vital sign details
* Give a detailed and precise report on the state of the patient -Deterioration or Improvement
* All these and more are taught when you learn about how to become a CNA.

How to Become a CNA – Best Ways

There are certain criteria which must be fulfilled before you can learn how to become a CNA. There are many types of training program which one can enroll into. Nursing homes also offer CNA  classes but they charge an amount or you have to sign a bond to serve in the Medical Institution for a certain period of life. Red Cross CNA training classes are being conducted in a number of states and one can easily enroll oneself into it to know how to become a CNA. These training are being given by trained instructors and the length of the period can vary according to the state in which the course is being held. Any how to become a CNA course can run into two weeks followed by a month or more of practical training. The classes also give one a first hand account of what to expect after becoming a CNA. The CNA classes also gives an overview of the environment, requirements and the perks in offer if you want to learn how to become a CNA.

How to become a CNA – Exams and Qualifications

To qualify for the can examination one needs to appear for a written and clinical examination before you know how to become a CNA. You may require to bring a person who can become the subject for demonstrating various skills which should be present in a CNA. With the acute shortage of nursing staff one can but just project the scope and the opportunities to how to become a CNA.

Free CNA Training Classes

May 30th, 2010

CNA training classes like any professional course costs money. But there are many free CNA classes that are being run by the government along with different institutions. The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)! In an understanding with Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has established a fund for $371,000 which is intended to cover the costs of about thousand CNA students for the current financial year.

The fund was established by the money which was collected as penalties imposed on training institutes which has been fined by the OSDH for different omissions and defaults committed by the nursing homes which run these CNA classes.  The beneficiaries of this program are those aspirants who cannot afford to enroll in a CNA training class. The aim of this program is to enhance the skills of the Nursing assistants to at least CNA 2 level. In the process it will improve overall patient care in different nursing homes. Tulsa community college also offers advance CNA 3 level courses but they are at present not funded.

Free CNA Training – Free CNA Classes are better

The monetary penalties which are collected by the OSDH from nursing homes for not following the guidelines and minimum standards set by the agency. Any Nursing assistant who has served in long-term patient care in nursing homes with skilled nursing facilities is eligible for this OSDH funded program. The course is very useful and can serve as a stepping stone to advance ones career. Interestingly the program is also named as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Career Ladder Program. The new program is a balanced blend of both online and classroom training along with practical to fine tune the nursing skills in a real scenario. All the students must have computer access and should complete the online course work to be able to participate in this program.

Only those students who have enrolled in Tula Community college can apply for the Free CNA program. All the students are not guaranteed that they will get a chance to enroll in a free CNA training program and the selection process are based on certain criteria like
1.    All students must pass the College Placement Test with a minimum score of 80
2.    Have completed a minimum of 12 college credit hours
3.    Should have a minimum GPA of 3.0
4.    Must have worked in a health care unit for a minimum of six months

CNA training classes consists of 11 modules of 3 hours each and a total of 30 hours. Of these 5 full days will comprise of lectures on nutrition, dementia care, the importance of family, safety, teamwork, quality of life, culture change and restorative care, spirituality, and death. All students are required to pass the state exam to receive their CNA certification.

As on this date there are 66,000 persons who are registered as Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Oklahoma. Most if not all are eligible to apply for the Free CNA training program. The completion is stiff since there are only 1000 seats. If selected the students will are notified by mail. The selected candidates have to furnish details of the immunization they have received and a drug test and a criminal verification is also done.

Compensation And Benefits Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

May 30th, 2010

compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistantHello Friends, hope you all are enjoying reading articles on this blog. As all my posts are targeted to Certified Nursing Assistant as we have focused on all aspects relating to the CNA. So today our topic of discussion is the Compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistant.

Compensation And Benefits of A Certified Nursing Assistant :

•    Plenty of jobs for CNA and increasing each day
•    Work environment of choice
•    Good earning potential (The average salary of a CNA is approx. $30,000 per annum)
•    Job satisfaction

The duration of CNA training is about two to three weeks if one has enrolled in a nursing home or hospital.  Red Cross CNA training is of slightly more duration. Once you complete the training and obtain a license a CNA can hope for earning between $11 to $14 per hour of duty.

The exact earning potential of a Certified Nursing Assistant can vary according to the state to state. A CNA working in New York can earn about 10% more than a person working in Arizona. The pay package varies according to the cost of living of that city.

Salary package can also depend upon your work setting. Hospitals offer the best pay package followed by nursing homes and finally the patient homes. Within a hospital the pay package can vary according to the department you are serving. A CNA working in an ICCU can expect a higher salary than her counterparts in other departments.

Moving on to the compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistant, the best one is that A CNA can expect his or her salary to increase as he or she gains experience. One down side of CNA as a career is it involves a lot of mental as well as physical stress. Instances of nervous breakdowns due to mental upheavals are quite common.

There are many fringe benefits for a Certified Nursing Assistant like health benefits retirement saving plans, LTC and many others. The retirement plans are run through different agencies or the hospital or nursing homes offer these benefits in the form of perks. During the period of recession when thousands of people were retrenched or were given the pink slip the health sector was hardly affected by recession. Or in other words the health sector is recession proof.

Even in the toughest of times a well trained CNA can hope to get a reasonably decent pay package. There are more than 500,000 trained CNA in the health sector and they are ranked above average among other careers with regard to growth potential and pay. The nursing sector is the fastest growing sector in the job market and the demand is going to increase.

With the increase in life expectancy the number of geriatrics are on the rise, who need assistance in the twilight of their life. Therefore the demand for CNA is ever going to increase. It has been predicted that this market will grow at a rate of 28 percent. This is just double the growth rate predicted in the health care field.

Therefore if you are going to choose CNA as your career option rest assured you will earn respect, job satisfaction, job security and financial gains. Hope the details mentioned above about the Compensation And Benefits Of A Certified Nursing Assistant might prove helpful for you all. If ou find this post helpful, share it among your social circles.

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Duties Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

May 26th, 2010

Before you go for any certified nursing assistant classes it will be wise to know beforehand what exactly the duties are of a CNA. The duties of a CNA are always in a state of dynamic flux, changing according to the situations and the condition of the patient. A CNA is the eyes and ears of the attending nurse who depends upon him or her to obtain the latest condition of the patient.

A CNA is solely responsible for the care of the patient. He or she is responsible for helping the patient do his daily requirements like going to the toilet, having a bath or dressing etc. This is particularly important in elderly or geriatric patients, patients who are partially or completely immobilized due to cerebro-spinal ailments or trauma. A CNA may be called upon by the doctor to evaluate the patients’ present condition- If there is an improvement or worsening of the conditions.

If you happen to be working in a hospital your duties may vary according to the section you are working.  They are required to monitor and record the vital signs of the patient like the blood pressure, heart rate, renal functions, respiratory rate, pulse, etc.  If the CNA is attached to a cerebro-spinal department which deals with conditions of paralysis or paraplegia he or she may be required to help the patient with other daily activities like eating, dressing, and moving the patient.

The CNA must have thorough knowledge of the procedures to be adopted in any emergency situation. Most Certified Nursing Assistant classes teach about these procedures for all emergency situations. But conditions can vary and the CNA should be smart enough to modify or seek solutions for situations which have never happened or was not anticipated.

CNA duties are very hectic and stressful. Therefore the turnover rate in this profession is very high.  Aspiring CNA enter this profession with lofty ideals of serving the sick but quickly get disillusioned and become overwhelmed by the range of duties they are required to perform. Hence hospital management has to be always on their toes to look for such signs in the CNA under their payroll.

Every CNA must realize their importance and also the vulnerability of the patients they are serving. Any act can make a difference between life and death of the patient.  They should also be extra vigilant in observing the signs of improvement or deterioration of the condition of the patient. They should also be able to communicate accurately with the attending nurse and the doctors.

In all certified nursing assistant classes this fact is overemphasized that a patient’s life depends on the attending CNA. Remember that the Hospital that has employed you has a responsibility to provide the best medical care to its patients. The CNA profession requires the individual to be able to handle stress situation with grit and determination. For those who have decided to enter the certified nursing profession rest assured that with all the challenges it is a very noble and immensely satisfying profession.

American Red Cross CNA Class

May 10th, 2010

There are numerous CNA training centers but the American Red Cross CNA class is considered one of the best and most preferred.  High quality study materials along with highly competent and professional instructors have helped it achieve this position. However as is the norm quality has a price and the Red Cross CNA class are not free. But there are some institutions which offer free CNA training and you can also access these.

CNA training which are run by the American Red Cross are available in 36 cities as on September 2009 and every year a few more cities are being added. If you have decided to make a career in health care then enrolling in one of the CNA training classes will go a long way in fulfilling your dream for becoming a certified nursing assistant.CNA is also the stepping stone to becoming a fully trained Registered Nurse (RN).

The American Red Cross CNA class program is designed to cater to the standards set by the Federal health authorities. Since healthcare rules pertaining to minimum requirements for licensing like number of hours put in training, standards of practice and other details vary from state to state the training schedule is designed in such a fashion to take care of all these factors.
The duration of the training course can differ from state to state. It is 164 hours course in some states whereas it is 114 hours in some states. The costs of the program can also differ from state to state. It could vary from $1750 to $1400.

The following is a list of American Red Cross chapters offering Certified Nursinf Assistant training:

* Madison/Marshall County, Huntsville, AL
* American Red Cross of Central Alabama, Montgomery, AL
* American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
* Inland Empire, San Bernardino, CA
* American Red Cross, Sonoma & Mendocino Counties, Santa Rosa, CA
* South Central Connecticut, New Haven, CT
* Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, FL
* Central Panhandle, Panama City, FL
* Space Coast, Rockledge, FL
* Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL
* Southwest Georgia, Albany, GA
* Northeast Georgia, Gainesville, GA
* Coosa Valley, Rome, GA
* Hawaii State, Honolulu, HI
* Louisville Area, Louisville, KY
* American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay, Cambridge, MA
* Berkshire County, Pittsfield, MA
* Pioneer Valley, Springfield, MA
* American Red Cross of Central Massachusetts, Worcester, MA
* Central Maryland, Baltimore, MD
* Southeastern Michigan, Detroit, MI
* American Red Cross of the Twin Cities Area, Minneapolis, MN
* Elizabeth H. Dole Chapter, Salisbury, NC
* Concord Area, Concord, NH
* New Hampshire, West Keene, NH
* Great Bay, Portsmouth, NH
* Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
* Keystone, Johnstown, PA
* Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
* Allegheny Region, Reno, PA
* Black Hills, Rapid City, SD
* Hiwassee, Cleveland, TN
* Greater Richmond, Richmond, VA
* Green Mountain, Bennington, VT
* Chippewa Valley, Altoona, WI
* Lakeland, Green Bay, WI

Further details can be obtained by logging on to where you can get all the local contact details and up to date information about various CNA programs offered by the American Red Cross.

CNA Training – The Finer Details

May 7th, 2010

There is always a shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants in the Healthcare industry. Therefore big hospitals offer CNA training as well as chance to serve in the Hospital. The only hiccup in this path is that the incumbent has to serve for a fix period in the hospital. The Hospital tries to augment its Nursing Staff in this manner. Working in a real life situation makes the CNA trainee better adapted for the rigors of the job. Besides practical examination is also possible in an hospital.

Another way to become a CNA is to enroll into a CNA training online. CNA training online give complete and thorough knowledge about the intricacies that go with the job of CNA. But a word of caution- No matter how you pass out of a CNA training you can call yourself a certified nursing assistant only after passing a state organised CNA examination. CNA online training will only make you better prepared for this examination.

Online CNA training classes are quite different from other training courses or crash courses which touches the subject superficially whereas Online CNA training classes gives one   a chance to have a hand at the clinical learning practice. The CNA courses can only provide printed study material or online course-ware.

As already mentioned before many hospitals and nursing home offer CNA training after furnishing a bond that states that the incumbent has to serve in the hospital as a CNA for a certain period of time. The yellow pages in the phone directory can help you locate different hospitals and research centres. Ring them up and get the required information. Narrow your list down to long term rehabilitation and health centres. Some hospitals have made deals with Local colleges and offer courses free for the students.

Many institutions and trusts offer scholarships and aids for CNA training for economically weak candidates who are aspiring to become Certified Nursing Assistants. These scholarships cover the complete CNA training costs which include in selective cases even lodging and boarding costs.

The Armed force is always in need for CNA because in the field the CNA can make a big difference between death and survival for an injured soldier. Therefore the Armed forces offers CNA training courses so that it could cater to the domestic requirements of the Army. Similarly the Air force also offers CNA courses through an aid society (Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program). This course is being offered for 10 seats exclusively for the spouses who have their husbands serving in the Air force. Details can be obtained by contacting the Airman and Family Readiness Center at the AFB.

The Armed Services also offer various CNA training programs. Through the Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program, some facilities were recently approved to offer the Certified Nursing Assistant Program in partnership with Spectrum Medical Services. Through this program, the Air Force Aid Society will pay for 10 spouses of active- duty military to become certified CNAs. If you are a spouse of an active-duty military member and are interested in becoming a CNA, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at the AFB.

CNA Training Classes And Career Opportunities

May 6th, 2010

certified nursing assistantFor people who have opted for Bio-Science stream and have not been able to make it to a Medical College; there are a number of equally attractive, paying and satisfying career options available. Certified nursing assistant is a career option which is tailor made for such persons. The job is challenging and at the same time very satisfying since it involves helping the sick to lead a normal life.

For more details you can join a certified nursing assistant class which gives exhaustive information’s and finer details to persons who want to choose certified nursing assistant as a career.

CNA Training Class provides information and resources for those interested in obtaining a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA certification.
CNA training classes gives you details of online cna class, CNA training which also include Red Cross CNA class as well as job opportunities and the latest CNA pay package offered.  In a nutshell it can be summarized as a ready reckoner for aspirants who want to become certified nursing assistant.

There is a huge demand for Nursing Assistants in hospitals, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation centers and even homes. Patients who are afflicted with debilitating diseases like Arthritis, paralysis, Alzeimer’s disease, Parkinsonism have difficulty in performing their basic needs like having a bath or fulfilling the calls of nature. CNA  can help such persons live a normal life with dignity. Similarly CNA are taught in certified nursing assistant classes how to access and provide information to the supervising nurse about the condition of the patient.

CNA work closely with the patients and provide emotional as well as physical support to the patient. They develop a deep emotional bonding with the patient and play a vital part in the process of recovery for the patient. CNA are given exhaustive training in certified nursing assistant classes the operations of medical equipments, checking and recording the patient’s vital signs such as heart beat blood pressure etc besides feeding, grooming and bathing procedures.

CNA training classes are  also available in DVDs  that  contains Sample test papers of CNA examination, syllabus, and study guides.
If you have decided to make CNA as your career option the first thing you need to do is to search for a program which is best suited for you.  If you desire to enroll in a healthcare facility which offers free CNA training classes, check for any hidden costs or bond which asks the incumbent to serve for some time in the center after obtaining a certificate. There could be a background check to ascertain that you do not have a bad reputation or criminal record.

After you complete the classes you are required to clear a State administered test before you become a certified nursing assistant. In some institutions you have to undergo a fixed period of House job before obtaining a certificate.
There are various degrees and training courses which one can choose from such as a Registered or a Licensed Practical nurse. You can also go for a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. You can get all the details of various degrees and training courses at the Nursing School Programs. You can also get a pretty exhaustive detail on the Web about various Online nursing degrees.

If you are truly interested to become a CNA just think if it is not one of the moments of emotion of serving mankind, an emotion that withers away quickly. A CNA has to be patient and committed and may have to endure extreme physical and emotional difficulties. If you have made up your mind to become a Certified Nursing Assistant rest assured it will the most intelligent decision you will make for your career.

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