American Red Cross CNA Class

There are numerous CNA training centers but the American Red Cross CNA class is considered one of the best and most preferred.  High quality study materials along with highly competent and professional instructors have helped it achieve this position. However as is the norm quality has a price and the Red Cross CNA class are not free. But there are some institutions which offer free CNA training and you can also access these.

CNA training which are run by the American Red Cross are available in 36 cities as on September 2009 and every year a few more cities are being added. If you have decided to make a career in health care then enrolling in one of the CNA training classes will go a long way in fulfilling your dream for becoming a certified nursing assistant.CNA is also the stepping stone to becoming a fully trained Registered Nurse (RN).

The American Red Cross CNA class program is designed to cater to the standards set by the Federal health authorities. Since healthcare rules pertaining to minimum requirements for licensing like number of hours put in training, standards of practice and other details vary from state to state the training schedule is designed in such a fashion to take care of all these factors.
The duration of the training course can differ from state to state. It is 164 hours course in some states whereas it is 114 hours in some states. The costs of the program can also differ from state to state. It could vary from $1750 to $1400.

The following is a list of American Red Cross chapters offering Certified Nursinf Assistant training:

* Madison/Marshall County, Huntsville, AL
* American Red Cross of Central Alabama, Montgomery, AL
* American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
* Inland Empire, San Bernardino, CA
* American Red Cross, Sonoma & Mendocino Counties, Santa Rosa, CA
* South Central Connecticut, New Haven, CT
* Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, FL
* Central Panhandle, Panama City, FL
* Space Coast, Rockledge, FL
* Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL
* Southwest Georgia, Albany, GA
* Northeast Georgia, Gainesville, GA
* Coosa Valley, Rome, GA
* Hawaii State, Honolulu, HI
* Louisville Area, Louisville, KY
* American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay, Cambridge, MA
* Berkshire County, Pittsfield, MA
* Pioneer Valley, Springfield, MA
* American Red Cross of Central Massachusetts, Worcester, MA
* Central Maryland, Baltimore, MD
* Southeastern Michigan, Detroit, MI
* American Red Cross of the Twin Cities Area, Minneapolis, MN
* Elizabeth H. Dole Chapter, Salisbury, NC
* Concord Area, Concord, NH
* New Hampshire, West Keene, NH
* Great Bay, Portsmouth, NH
* Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
* Keystone, Johnstown, PA
* Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
* Allegheny Region, Reno, PA
* Black Hills, Rapid City, SD
* Hiwassee, Cleveland, TN
* Greater Richmond, Richmond, VA
* Green Mountain, Bennington, VT
* Chippewa Valley, Altoona, WI
* Lakeland, Green Bay, WI

Further details can be obtained by logging on to where you can get all the local contact details and up to date information about various CNA programs offered by the American Red Cross.

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