Compensation And Benefits Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistantHello Friends, hope you all are enjoying reading articles on this blog. As all my posts are targeted to Certified Nursing Assistant as we have focused on all aspects relating to the CNA. So today our topic of discussion is the Compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistant.

Compensation And Benefits of A Certified Nursing Assistant :

•    Plenty of jobs for CNA and increasing each day
•    Work environment of choice
•    Good earning potential (The average salary of a CNA is approx. $30,000 per annum)
•    Job satisfaction

The duration of CNA training is about two to three weeks if one has enrolled in a nursing home or hospital.  Red Cross CNA training is of slightly more duration. Once you complete the training and obtain a license a CNA can hope for earning between $11 to $14 per hour of duty.

The exact earning potential of a Certified Nursing Assistant can vary according to the state to state. A CNA working in New York can earn about 10% more than a person working in Arizona. The pay package varies according to the cost of living of that city.

Salary package can also depend upon your work setting. Hospitals offer the best pay package followed by nursing homes and finally the patient homes. Within a hospital the pay package can vary according to the department you are serving. A CNA working in an ICCU can expect a higher salary than her counterparts in other departments.

Moving on to the compensation and benefits of a certified nursing assistant, the best one is that A CNA can expect his or her salary to increase as he or she gains experience. One down side of CNA as a career is it involves a lot of mental as well as physical stress. Instances of nervous breakdowns due to mental upheavals are quite common.

There are many fringe benefits for a Certified Nursing Assistant like health benefits retirement saving plans, LTC and many others. The retirement plans are run through different agencies or the hospital or nursing homes offer these benefits in the form of perks. During the period of recession when thousands of people were retrenched or were given the pink slip the health sector was hardly affected by recession. Or in other words the health sector is recession proof.

Even in the toughest of times a well trained CNA can hope to get a reasonably decent pay package. There are more than 500,000 trained CNA in the health sector and they are ranked above average among other careers with regard to growth potential and pay. The nursing sector is the fastest growing sector in the job market and the demand is going to increase.

With the increase in life expectancy the number of geriatrics are on the rise, who need assistance in the twilight of their life. Therefore the demand for CNA is ever going to increase. It has been predicted that this market will grow at a rate of 28 percent. This is just double the growth rate predicted in the health care field.

Therefore if you are going to choose CNA as your career option rest assured you will earn respect, job satisfaction, job security and financial gains. Hope the details mentioned above about the Compensation And Benefits Of A Certified Nursing Assistant might prove helpful for you all. If ou find this post helpful, share it among your social circles.

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