Customer Advisory – Migrating Business


Customer Advisory – Migrating Business Customers Using Traditional Landlines to New Service

We are always looking to create more and more ways to connect to our customers that they refer to the most. As part of this effort, Sprint will lower the legacy voice platform, traditional landline, for businesses and help them move to new services.

Telecommunications is one of the fastest emerging industries and emerging technologies constantly to enhance the experience of our customers. These legacy voice services are fast becoming obsolete. We believe that the best way to serve our commercial customers is to focus on the growing demand for new VoIP technology services, which offer smarter features and better security at a lower cost.

We remain committed to our fixed line business. This is the basis of our product offering and the convergence cloud and Sprint wireless and wireline backbone.

What is the impact?

This change specifically affects fixed-line business customers using long-distance voice services over existing technologies. If you do not know if that includes your business, a complete list of related features that will be interrupted is included in our FAQ page.

What is the calendar?

We will be eliminating the legacy product as of June 30, 2017. In recent months, Sprint representatives have alerted commercial customers of this coming change and helps them develop a migration plan. As the transition to a new service or new provider can take time, we want to ensure smooth transition with minimal disruption to our customers’ businesses.

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