Duties Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

Before you go for any certified nursing assistant classes it will be wise to know beforehand what exactly the duties are of a CNA. The duties of a CNA are always in a state of dynamic flux, changing according to the situations and the condition of the patient. A CNA is the eyes and ears of the attending nurse who depends upon him or her to obtain the latest condition of the patient.

A CNA is solely responsible for the care of the patient. He or she is responsible for helping the patient do his daily requirements like going to the toilet, having a bath or dressing etc. This is particularly important in elderly or geriatric patients, patients who are partially or completely immobilized due to cerebro-spinal ailments or trauma. A CNA may be called upon by the doctor to evaluate the patients’ present condition- If there is an improvement or worsening of the conditions.

If you happen to be working in a hospital your duties may vary according to the section you are working.  They are required to monitor and record the vital signs of the patient like the blood pressure, heart rate, renal functions, respiratory rate, pulse, etc.  If the CNA is attached to a cerebro-spinal department which deals with conditions of paralysis or paraplegia he or she may be required to help the patient with other daily activities like eating, dressing, and moving the patient.

The CNA must have thorough knowledge of the procedures to be adopted in any emergency situation. Most Certified Nursing Assistant classes teach about these procedures for all emergency situations. But conditions can vary and the CNA should be smart enough to modify or seek solutions for situations which have never happened or was not anticipated.

CNA duties are very hectic and stressful. Therefore the turnover rate in this profession is very high.  Aspiring CNA enter this profession with lofty ideals of serving the sick but quickly get disillusioned and become overwhelmed by the range of duties they are required to perform. Hence hospital management has to be always on their toes to look for such signs in the CNA under their payroll.

Every CNA must realize their importance and also the vulnerability of the patients they are serving. Any act can make a difference between life and death of the patient.  They should also be extra vigilant in observing the signs of improvement or deterioration of the condition of the patient. They should also be able to communicate accurately with the attending nurse and the doctors.

In all certified nursing assistant classes this fact is overemphasized that a patient’s life depends on the attending CNA. Remember that the Hospital that has employed you has a responsibility to provide the best medical care to its patients. The CNA profession requires the individual to be able to handle stress situation with grit and determination. For those who have decided to enter the certified nursing profession rest assured that with all the challenges it is a very noble and immensely satisfying profession.

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