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CNA training classes like any professional course costs money. But there are many free CNA classes that are being run by the government along with different institutions. The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)! In an understanding with Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has established a fund for $371,000 which is intended to cover the costs of about thousand CNA students for the current financial year.

The fund was established by the money which was collected as penalties imposed on training institutes which has been fined by the OSDH for different omissions and defaults committed by the nursing homes which run these CNA classes.  The beneficiaries of this program are those aspirants who cannot afford to enroll in a CNA training class. The aim of this program is to enhance the skills of the Nursing assistants to at least CNA 2 level. In the process it will improve overall patient care in different nursing homes. Tulsa community college also offers advance CNA 3 level courses but they are at present not funded.

Free CNA Training – Free CNA Classes are better

The monetary penalties which are collected by the OSDH from nursing homes for not following the guidelines and minimum standards set by the agency. Any Nursing assistant who has served in long-term patient care in nursing homes with skilled nursing facilities is eligible for this OSDH funded program. The course is very useful and can serve as a stepping stone to advance ones career. Interestingly the program is also named as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Career Ladder Program. The new program is a balanced blend of both online and classroom training along with practical to fine tune the nursing skills in a real scenario. All the students must have computer access and should complete the online course work to be able to participate in this program.

Only those students who have enrolled in Tula Community college can apply for the Free CNA program. All the students are not guaranteed that they will get a chance to enroll in a free CNA training program and the selection process are based on certain criteria like
1.    All students must pass the College Placement Test with a minimum score of 80
2.    Have completed a minimum of 12 college credit hours
3.    Should have a minimum GPA of 3.0
4.    Must have worked in a health care unit for a minimum of six months

CNA training classes consists of 11 modules of 3 hours each and a total of 30 hours. Of these 5 full days will comprise of lectures on nutrition, dementia care, the importance of family, safety, teamwork, quality of life, culture change and restorative care, spirituality, and death. All students are required to pass the state exam to receive their CNA certification.

As on this date there are 66,000 persons who are registered as Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Oklahoma. Most if not all are eligible to apply for the Free CNA training program. The completion is stiff since there are only 1000 seats. If selected the students will are notified by mail. The selected candidates have to furnish details of the immunization they have received and a drug test and a criminal verification is also done.

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