To Hell With Good Intentions


To Hell With Good Intentions

At present, it should be obvious to all the United States that the United States is engaged in a great struggle to survive. The United States can not survive if the world is not convinced that we have heaven on earth. The survival of the United States depends on the acceptance by all men called “free” to the middle class of the United States “done.” The lifestyle of the United States has become a religion that must be accepted by all who will not die by the sword – or napalm. Throughout the world, the United States is struggling to protect and develop at least a minority that consumes what most Americans in America can afford. This is the goal of the Alliance for Progress of the middle class that the United States signed with Latin America a few years ago. However, increasingly, the trade alliance must be protected by the weapons that allow the minority that can “do” protect their acquisitions and achievements.

But guns are not enough to allow minority rule. Marginal masses become ramps unless they receive a “Creed” or a belief that explains the status quo. This task is given to the US volunteer – either a member of CLASP or a worker in the so-called “pacification program” in Vietnam.

The United States is carrying out a three-fight advanced to uphold their ideals of “democracy” focused on achievement and success. I say three fronts, as three major regions of the world are questioning the validity of a political and social system What makes the rich richer and the poor increasingly marginalized in this system.

In Asia, the United States is threatened by an established power – China. The United States opposes China with three weapons: small Asian elites that could not improve than the alliance with the United States; A huge war machine to prevent the Chinese to “take over”, as is often put in that country; Forced repetition of the so-called “pacified” peoples. Three of these efforts seem to fail.

In Chicago, it does not look like poverty funds, police and preachers to succeed in their efforts to test the resistance of the black community to wait for an elegant system integration.

Finally, Latin America, the Alliance for Progress was able to increase the number of people who could not be better – which means the middle class of small elites – and creates the ideal conditions for military dictatorships. Dictators once served the owners of the plantations, but now the new industrial complexes are protected. And, finally, you have to help the visually impaired to accept their fate in this process!

Everything you are going to do in a Mexican village is creating a disaster. At best, you can try to convince Mexican girls that they should marry a young, rich self-produced consumer, and a lack of respect for tradition as one of you. At worst, in his mind of “community development,” he could create problems just enough to get someone after his vacation is over – and rush into his middle-class neighborhoods when his friends make jokes about “SBIPS “And” wet backs. ”

You start your homework without training. Even the Peace Corps spends about $ 10,000 per member of the body to help adapt to their new environment and protect against cultural shock. What has a strange person ever thought of spending money to educate poor Mexicans to avoid the culture shock of knowing it?

In fact, you can not even meet the majority claiming to serve Latin America – even if you could speak their language, which most can not. It can interact with those like you – Latin American imitations of the American middle class. There is no way to truly know the disadvantage, because there is no common basis of knowing it.

I am going to explain this statement and let me explain why the majority of Latin Americans you could share with would not agree with me.

Suppose you went to a ghetto in the United States this summer and helped the poor to “help themselves.” Pretty soon, you either spit or laugh. People offended by their pretense of striking or spitting. People who understand that their bad consciences pushing this gesture run the risk of being condescending. Soon, you would be aware of its irrelevance among the poor, middle-class student state during a summer assignment.

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