Little Ways to Enjoy the Summer


Little Ways to Enjoy the Summer When You’re Trapped in the Office

As you may have noticed, summer has arrived! And we are sure that it has also been noticed that his office continues to function as if it were not beautiful on the outside. You are trapped inside, watching an image stored on a beach as a background, while social media streams are filled with a tropical shelter images, Friday summer activities and tan lines.

While you can still dream of your next getaway, you can also take things in hand and learn to enjoy the season from the inside. While my tips and tricks that will not attract this summer shine, they will definitely help you to scroll through the Instagram without feeling (so) jealous.

1. Make an infusion of water from the fruit

One of the best parts of what makes the sun is having the excuse to drop fruit drinks without feeling stupid. And we’re not just talking about a cocktail at the pool! To make a summer drink, SFW, all you need is a flavor enhancer, like My Water Liquid Enhancer. Or, check out these recipes for yourself that you can make at home and from the office refrigerator.

2. Select your playlist

This is the season to create a new playlist with all of your favorite summer hits. Maybe it’s a classic like “Summer” by Calvin Harris, or maybe it’s a song that no one talks about in the summer, but it reminds him of the family’s annual trip to his family. Or maybe it’s just a compilation of all the “summer song” 20 years of Spotify. Let everyone (who stuck) in the office involved asking for suggestions. If you still feel confused, start with the billboard recommendations.

3. Improve the desktop

It is no secret that colors affect our mood, our environment and our work ethic. Why not incorporate the colors of the beach into your work area? I suggest start with this show or this sandbox office – or would this amazing fishbowl decor if you want out?

4. Plan a happy hour happy hour

If your office does not participate on Fridays in summer, they suggest starting happy hour (non-alcoholic) Friday to enjoy some ice cream (or ice cream sandwiches slightly less soiled). The only thing that does not work for this? Make it your fault! Taking an hour of work will make you more productive. So drop the computer and remove the scoop.

5. Clarify

Whether you bring a new lamp on your desk or you get a “happy light”, improving your workspace is a simple trick to relax as if you were outdoors. Especially when you are trapped in a cabin I want some sun. Try this to get the full effect of sunlight, even if you can not see any windows.

6. Play with the wardrobe

Nothing noticed a change of season as the change of his closet. Whether your part of bright or more darling brown summer shorts, find ways to incorporate summer wear parts into the locker room. Obviously keep the dress code of your business in mind, and make sure that all the garments are suitable for the job. But there is no reason why you should always wear what you wear when it does not snow. (Ladies, check out some of our equipment suggestions here.)

7. Turn on your lunch

Barbecues are perfect for the summer, so allow the old boring scholarships at home and take a hot dog or a hamburger for lunch. Bonus points if you start a barbeque tradition on the inside with your colleagues! Instead of starting the grill, only everyone agrees to provide a key ingredient: breads, hot dog, tomato sauce, you know the drill.

8. Take out all day

A little fresh air can make your mind and body wonders, and then go out into the street for breaks during the day. It is a very simple trick that will give you vitamin D and improve your efficiency. Can you say win-win?

9. Bring curls to your office

Store the office freezer filled with water ice cream and chew when you fancy a whim, or better yet, make friends with colleagues. Do you have a couple of minutes? Take one and sit outside while you eat.

10. Buy a plant

Bring the outdoors (and free of O2) into your cabin with small plants. Even if you can not be physically out, it feels a little better if you can effectiv

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