Preparation For CNA Exam

preparation for cna examIf a person has made up his mind to choose Nursing as a career it will be prudent to make an honest assessment of oneself and see if he is ready to face the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) certification exam which is conducted by the IRC.  There are many sample test papers and past question papers and studying it one can have better preparation for cna exam with a understanding of the types of questions asked in the exam.

Below there are some valuable information relating the preparation for CNA Exam. You need to go through them quite carefully and should try to practice them for the better preparation for the exam.

Preparation For CNA Exam :

Sample question paper can help you assess if you are ready for taking the exam or you need guidance like the CNA training classes. Therefore an honest assessment of your abilities is required for the preparation of CNA Exam. The CNA certification exam consists of two sections- A practical exam and a written exam.

The practical test is taken mainly to assess the candidates’ aptitude to react to various problem situations and his ability to find solutions in such stressful conditions.  The practical test also helps the examiner to measure the confidence level and ability to keenly grasp the finer details of each situation.

A thorough preparation and full knowledge of the type of questions asked can make a difference between success and failure. The best way to clear the practical and the viva voce is to have a thorough knowledge of the theory.

Keep in the mind the old rule of clearing practical. It is not important to know what you are doing but to know why you are doing it. A thorough knowledge of the theory and its application practically will help you clear your CNA exam in flying colors. Sample questions can help you in better preparation for CNA Exam.

The written exam is composed of seventy questions. The question is of multiple choice types. The first 10 questions are related to personnel information. This is followed sixty questions. The questions are objective types with multiple choices. The multiple choice questions are easy and if you have a decent level of IQ the sixty questions are a walkover. There is also a section which is devoted to word recognition or comprehension questions.

The second test is devoted to skill evaluation. The candidate is asked to perform various procedures related to nursing practice. The actions are closely monitored by the evaluator on the basis of different benchmarks. The candidates are usually asked to do 5 actions but can be asked to do more if the evaluator desires. The candidate has to successfully complete the entire 5 skill test to be declared successful in NNAASP certificate and become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The questions are mostly related to common nursing situations like –Which sweater sleeve will you put if your subject has a left hand weakness. In a few days we will be publish the sample CNA examination. If you have decided to take nursing as a career the first rendezvous which you should make is to find a sample question paper and attempt all papers honestly. If you attain a 70 % rating you are through and if less you need some more practice.

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