How I Stopped Worrying on Vacation


How I Stopped Worrying on Vacation and Stayed Secure Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

My husband and I just returned from an exciting European trip. Before leaving, I made sure my account includes Sprint Roaming Global – which allowed me to enjoy unlimited texts and pay 20 cents a minute to talk to friends and family abroad. As for the data, I intended to use it (in addition to Sprint service), Wi-Fi in most places.

I’m addicted to social networking, so of course I wanted to regularly share vacation photos, post updates and make a recording with friends. I soon discovered that most of the major European cities are full of public Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s great.

In Vienna, I was sitting in a cafe, I was preparing to connect to the Wi-Fi network when I realized that some Wi-Fi access points have the same name. (This means that one of them is not legitimate – sometimes called a “personalization of access points”). And there was an open Wi-Fi network listed as “free wireless MAN”, which does not seem too believable. These things made me a little nervous. I began to be concerned that my personal data is protected and what kind of cyber threat they could conceal.

I had heard stories about people who had their data stolen on Wi-Fi, but I guess they did not take it seriously. In fact, someone had warned me of packet capture – in which someone uses software to intercept and steal digital communications that take “packets” of data transmitted over Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, I work for Sprint and remember that we have an application – Sprint Secure Wi-Fi – for travelers as I can stay connected and keep their personal data safe. Basically, Sprint WiFi securely encrypts unsafe traffic. This is a fancy way of saying that this application converts data into code, preventing unauthorized access. For you and me, this means that our mobile data will not be vulnerable.

Recently, the service – available to iOS and Android users – has been upgraded and now includes password-protected WiFi access points.

So I connected to secure Wi-Fi, I established the VPN connection, I continued to post photos, Twitter and Instagram examined … and I even felt comfortable enough to check my bank balance!

This service is available to customers at $ 1.99 per month, or $ 0.99, Sprint customers can sign up for a 24-hour password.

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